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Multicultural Calendar

July: A Month for Independence and Celebration of Ramadan

A surprising number of countries celebrate their independence or important nation-building moments in the month of July. This month's calendar presents a selection of these countries. July also celebrates the month of Ramadan, an Islamic religious observance, which ends at the end of the month with the feast of Eid al-Fitr (The Feast of Breaking the Fast) (7/28-7/30).

1. Canada: Canada Day

Celebrates the confederation of upper and lower Canada into the Dominion of Canada in 1867.

Somali Republic: Foundation of the Republic  

When Britain withdrew from British Somaliland in 1960, it joined with Italian Somaliland to form the new Somali Republic.

14. Bastille (bass-steel) Day: France

Celebrates the fall of Bastille prison marking the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789, the eventual end of monarchial rule and the creation of a French Republic.I

Independence celebrations

July 1
From Burundi on July 1, 1962.

From Belgium on July 1, 1962.

Within the Commonwealth of Great Britain in 1960.

July 3
Within the Commonwealth of Great Britain in 1973.

Declared sovereignty from the Soviet Union in 1990.

July 4
From the United States on this day in 1946.

United States
The Declaration of Independence signed in 1776, which announced the Thirteen Colonies' decision to separate from Great Britain.

July 5
War of independence against France began in 1954; became independent in 1962.

Cape Verde
From Portugal on July 5, 1975.

From Spain in 1811; war of independence lasted from 1810 to 1821.

July 6
From Great Britain on July 6, 1964.

From France on this day in 1975.

July 7
Solomon Islands
From the United Kingdom, 1978.

July 9
Established independent Argentina after war with Spain, 1810-1816.

July 13
Recognized by the Berlin Congress as an independent state in 1878. Same day in 1941, the Montenegrins rose up against Nazi occupiers.

July 21
Became independent from the Netherlands in 1831.

July 26
Established as a colony for freed American slaves, the independent Republic of Liberia was created on July 26, 1847 when the settlers issued a Declaration of Independence and promulgated a constitution.

July 28
Two-day national holiday (7/28-7/29) celebrates José de San Martín's proclamation of Peru's independence from Spain on July 28, 1821.

July 28
Eid al-Fitr (The Feast of Breaking the Fast) (7/28-7/30): Islamic
This holiday marks the end of Ramadan; it begins at the sighting of the first lunar crescent following the new moon and is the time for breaking the fast. This is a three-day festival of feasting, buying and wearing new clothes, and celebrations.


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