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Vision and Mission

Diversity and culture invigorate our business world with dynamism and creativity. To be effective in this environment and capture the infinite opportunities — we envision that individuals, groups, and organizations will develop the vital competency of "Cultural Intelligence". 

Cultural intelligence is:

  • Being knowledgeable about how different groups of people, at home and abroad, relate, communicate, engage in conflict, conduct business and organize themselves in ways that are uniquely theirs;
  • Appreciating why this is so;
  • Possessing the competencies to communicate effectively within culturally diverse groups
  • Knowing how to influence respectfully to devise goals and solutions that all parties perceive as mutually satisfying and beneficial — anywhere in the world;
  • Having the willingness and the capability to arrange the organization so that culturally diverse people coming in its doors feel respected and included;
  • Having the knowledge and skills to grapple with the tenacity of organizational culture, and be diligent in efforts to alter it where necessary.

When people, groups and their organizations possess Cultural Intelligence, they are positioned and capable to plumb the intricacies of diverse markets, and to establish durable and profitable relationships with equally diverse counterparts.

Our Mission, with its Cultural Diversity at Work Archive, seeks to educate its readers and assist their development of Cultural Intelligence.  We consider ourselves facilitators, educators and networkers offering an informative and inspiring place for executives, managers, employees, educators, students, customers, clients and individuals to learn, develop and grow. From the beginning, we linked culture to diversity, and now to inclusion, because with diversity comes cultural differences. It's not enough to understand the diversity of a situation; you also have to be skilled in interacting with it. Hence, we consider the models, tools and skills from the field of intercultural communication and training as extremely relevant.  We commit to providing the widest array and highest quality of diversity and cultural information, tools and resources to assist you and your organization in gaining the valuable and vital competency of Cultural Intelligence.

Cultural Diversity at Work Archive — An Extraordinary Resource!

The Cultural Diversity at Work (CDW) Archive is an online database of almost 1,500 articles, tools and resources on diversity, inclusion and cultural differences. You can use the Archive to increase cultural intelligence—for individuals, teams, and organizations!  With cultural intelligence, you have a path toward inclusion! 

The Archive is loaded with best practices and innovative solutions.
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