This month I wrote a small news summary about Sylvia Anthony, an inspiring woman who opened a homeless shelter for women and their children. This shelter offers guidance and emotional support for those who seek help.

I have never been homeless. I lived in a warm home with enough food and books to keep me happy. But I know people who have been homeless, and some who still are. They speak of the rain, and the difficulty of finding food. And sometimes they have this crushed look, like they’ve given up.

I believe very strongly in the type of shelter Sylvia Anthony has opened. Not only does it provide the basic necessities, it also helps you get back on your feet. And that is the best kind of shelter in my opinion. I don’t want the people I know, whose life circumstances have rendered them homeless, to feel crushed. I want them to feel like life will improve. And that’s what Sylvia’s Haven is doing.

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