As usual, this month I spent my time researching and developing the diversity quiz. The topic of this month’s quiz was the buying power of Asian Americans, as it is Asian Pacific Heritage Month in the United States. My main source of information for this quiz was Kang and Lee Advertising, which provides helpful information about the Asian American population.

If you’ve read any of my other posts you know a bit about my family. We are white, privileged. I have more experience with the African American community than the Asian American community because of the dynamics of my family. So, going into this quiz, I didn’t know much besides the fact that there was an increasing Asian presence in the United States. I didn’t know the half of it. I can now respect how much buying power this community has, and how important they are to the economy of this country.

  1. How much more money do Asian American owned and/or operated businesses bring in annually in comparison to Hispanic owned and/or operated businesses?
    a. $150 billion
    b. $80 billion
    c. $50 billion
    d. $100 billion
  2. How much higher is the median household income of Asian Americans than Non-Hispanic White households?
    a. $3,000
    b. $2,000
    c. $15,000
    d. $13,000

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